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The Content Committee will lead efforts in soliciting additional presenters for selected specialized strands, also known as academies, after the committee gridding process.

  • New and Improved Academy Setup:
    • New this year, Premium registrants will have the ability to “bounce” from once academy (or specialized strand) to another.
    • Academies will showcase featured topics, speakers, and engaging sessions in large ballrooms while providing breakout sessions throughout the day. This will allow for larger capacities and more knowledgeable Premium attendees.
    • The Content Committee members will select sessions based on the evaluations and remarks for each specialized topic or academy. Priority will be given to educator-led sessions and a suggested limitation of exhibitor-led presentations.
  • The TCEA office will schedule the sessions selected, based on availability of rooms. Sessions should be scheduled to maximize the available room space with the most popular sessions scheduled in the largest rooms.

Consider the following when evaluating the proposed academy changes on the planning document.

Determine the goal of the academy: 

  • What will the focus be? 
  • What sub-topics should this academy focus on? 
  • Discuss specifics that should be covered. 
  • Discuss the possible speakers and provide contact information on your planning document. (Meaghan will contact them)
  • Return a list of proposals the committee wants in any of the academies.

Discuss ideas for targeting the audience for the specific academies, including personal outreach through committee contacts. 

·         What audience will this academy target?

·         What academies should or shouldn’t occur on the same day?

Provide a description to be used online and in promotional pieces to promote attendance to event. Note this may be edited before publishing. The more detail you can provide here is better so feel free to elaborate.  

>> Action Item - Provide a detailed description in your academy's planning document.

Submit your request for volunteers: 

  • How many volunteers will you need? 
  • What hours will you need them?
  • Will they need any special expertise? 

>> Action Item - Submit volunteer schedule/needs in your academy's planning document.

Begin Time

End Time

# Persons Needed for Shift

Specific Assignment/Duties

Special Knowledge Needed?











Add additional rows as needed.

You can view your room set up details here