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Playground/Interactive Area


  • TBD
  • Staff Liaison: Meaghan Rhame

Planning Document

AR/VR Planning Document

There will be at least two playground/lounge areas at TCEA 2018.  These will be interactive learning areas for attendees to participate in come-and-go activities that display teaching and learning in extraordinary ways. Presentations and hands-on opportunities will engage attendees in thinking above and beyond the conventional ways of instruction. 

The playgrounds have also served as the home base for the “un-conference” Edubloggercon (renamed to LearnEd) and the networking event PokemonGO in Action and “Think Outside the Box”, formerly the “Tweet-Up”. 


Playground Hours: 

Monday, Feb. 5 (9 a.m. - 5 p.m.)

Tuesday, Feb. 6 (9 a.m. – 5 p.m.) 
Wednesday, Feb. 7 (9 a.m. – 5 p.m.) 
Thursday, Feb. 8 (9 a.m. – 5 p.m.) 

Networking Event: 
Wednesday, Feb. 7 (5 p.m. – 7 p.m.)

Complete these items before departing the retreat - add all responses and notes to this site

Determine the goal of the playground: 

  • What will the focus be? 
  • Discuss the topics that should be covered. 
  • Discuss the possible speakers and determine who on the committee will reach out to each of the desired speakers. 
  • Discuss room set-up and timeline – how should the room be set-up? 
  • What equipment do you want to have? 
  • How will you secure the equipment? Will it be borrowed, sponsored, or purchased? 

Determine what activities will take place in the playground. 

  • Will there be specific time for sessions or showcased activities?  
  • Will you have sessions? If so, do they follow the 50-minute session schedule? 
  • Meaghan provide you a list of presentations submitted that will be a good fit for your area, if desired. Brainstorm specific topics and presenters desired and provide the list to Meaghan
  • Refer to worksheet for session planning. 

>> Action Item – Provide schedule of activities for each day. All session content is due to Meaghan Rhame by July 1.


Discuss ideas for targeting the audience for the playground. 

  • Provide a description to be used online and in promotional pieces to promote attendance to playground. Note this may be edited before publishing. The more detail you can provide here is better so feel free to elaborate. 

>> Action Item - Provide a detailed description: 

Submit your request for volunteers. 

  • How many volunteers will you need? 
  • What hours will you need them? 
  • Will they need any special expertise? 

>> Action Item - Submit volunteer schedule/needs: 

 Begin Time

 End Time

 # Persons Needed for Shift

 Specific Assignment/Duties

 Special Knowledge Needed?




Submit logistics for playground 

  • Discuss and submit ideal set-up, furnishings, software, and hardware requests. What should the area look like? Attach a drawing of the room/area. 
  • Include placement of electrical, internet, furniture and stage. 

>> Action Item -Submit diagram and list of desired supplies. 

The committee will work together on these items after the retreat leading up to the event: 

Work with Meaghan Rhame to confirm speakers for playground. 

  • Meaghan will send contracts for each of your speakers and submit the details of their session for the online and printed materials. 
  • Submit any additional sessions to fill open slots to Meaghan by July 1.

Finalize logistics, equipment, and resources: 

  • Determine who is bringing equipment. 
  • Determine additional items that may need to be secured. 
  • Develop content for any handouts and submit for printing, if applicable. 
  • Create instructions for volunteers to follow. 
  • Determine onsite staffing schedule between committee members. 
  • Finalize any pre-conference programming or training. 


  • Work with tech crew, staff, and committee to ensure the area is set-up properly. 
  • Act as liaison for the playground facilitating presentations, interacting with attendees, providing demonstrations, etc. 
  • Ensure adequate coverage of the area between committee members, board, and volunteers.