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Door Prizes

Committee Members:

  • Jeannine Freeman
  • Staff Liaison: Sammy Unberhagen


The Door Prize Committee is responsible for soliciting and collecting door prizes from exhibitors to give away at various events during the convention as well as coordinating the schedule/plan for distributing at the convention. Exhibitors receive a door prize donation application in their pre-conference information and will also receive several email reminders from Sammy in the fall requesting door prizes. 

Door prizes will be solicited only from 2018 exhibitors and the minimum value of each door prize should be $100 if given away as a single prize to receive recognition in printed materials. Any additional smaller prizes may be bundled or can be used for various smaller events. Prizes less than $100 will not receive recognition. We will not give away items from non-exhibiting companies. Door prizes should be brought to the convention by the vendor donating it and not mailed to the TCEA office.

Door prizes will be stored in a designated secure room during the conference.  A dolly will be provided to easily transport prizes to events.

During each event that door prizes are given away, tickets will be collected at the entry doors. You will be responsible for requesting and overseeing the volunteers for this. Buckets to receive the tickets will be provided as well as a ticket tumbler for the stage. The committee will emcee the door prize drawings.

Planning Retreat:

  • Sammy will be contacting vendors for prizes ahead of the conference
  • Tuesday Keynote
    • Door prizes at end
    • few big ones live
    • Other prizes announced through the app and posted at membership booth
    • will need to pick up prizes at membership booth ice cream social in the exhibit hall- smaller prizes
  • Thursday Social in the exhibit hall- smaller prizes
    • live drawing and posted in app as a list
  • Closing keynote 
    • live drawing for prizes that we have on hand
  • Idea is to have bags with bundled prizes instead of so many smaller prizes at the keynotes
  • 4 tickets will be needed on the name tag for the drawings
  • 2 tumblers needed for the events 
  • What to do when people don't pick up prizes?
Pre-event Planning:
  • Request an updated exhibitor list from Sammy and contact vendors throughout the year.
  • Maintain a list of committed door prizes. Please have vendors complete a door prize commitment form. In the fall, a list including the company name and the door prize(s) donated will be requested to print in the conference program.
  • Determine onsite schedule for collecting and distributing prizes. Keep in mind that some events may happen before you collect the prize. A certificate for later pick-up can be given.


  • Obtain location and key from Sammy to secure prizes. Confirm your dolly is available.
  • Get a final list of all confirmed door prizes from Sammy.
  • Pick up prizes that have been committed and solicit new prizes from exhibitors who haven’t donated.
  • Determine which prizes will be given away at each event.
  • Transport prizes to events.
  • Coordinate collecting tickets and assist with ticket drawing and announcing door prizes at each event. Tickets are collected at the three general sessions and Social.
  • Confirm ticket collection buckets and ticket hopper are at each event and volunteers are in place when the doors open.