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Committee and Board Recognition Dinner

  • Kari Murphy
  • Staff Liaison: Sherry Wagner

Committee and Board Recognition Dinner
Monday, Feb. 4
7 pm
This event honors the Convention Chair, Board of Directors, and the Convention Steering Committee. Steering Committee members, board members, staff and special guests of the Convention Chair are invited. A recognition speech is typically given by the president and special guests to honor the Convention Chair.  

Budget is $7,000 (includes dinner, drink tickets, décor, entertainment, invitations, place cards, etc.) 

Sherry's Responsibilities: 
  • Research and recommend locations for the dinner. 
  • Sign venue contract. 
  • Serve as point of contact with the venue for meal selections, logistics, guarantees, and billing.
  • Research and recommend musician for entertainment.  Sign contracts and pay musicians as needed.   
  • Work with TCEA graphic design on invitation and program.
  • Arrange transportation as needed to and from the event. 
  • Assist in removing decor at end of the event.  Assist in storing/cleaning decor as needed for Past President's Brunch (Thursday).

Committee's Responsibilities: 
  • Review and provide input on location for the dinner. 
  • Review and provide input on meal choices.  
  • Review and provide input on musician. 
  • Select and implement desired event decor within budget.  Sherry can place orders and make any payments that may be needed via the TCEA credit card.
  • Set up decor at the venue as needed.  
  • Work with Convention Chair to determine special guests present at the event, recognition of guests, and overall program elements desired by the Convention Chair.  
  • Remove decor at the end of the event.  May need to save some decor to use at Past President's Brunch (Thursday).

Plaques and awards will be ordered by TCEA.  TCEA will also work with the appropriate board members on gifts exchanged during the program.

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