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  • Kari Murphy
  • Staff Liaison: Kristy Breaux

The producer will oversee the production of the general sessions (Tuesday and Friday) and the Educator Awards Ceremony. This includes creating the script, hosting the rehearsals, and relaying information to the audio visual team onsite.


  • Obtain past scripts from TCEA
  • Discuss with Convention Chair and President what changes they would like to make, if any.
  • Develop a draft script for each general session.
  • Determine rehearsal schedule for each event and list of required attendees.  
  • Work with staff liaison to finalize scripts.
  • Notify each person named in the script of the rehearsal time and location as well as the role they will play. You will need to get their remarks for the confidence monitor.


  • Lead onsite rehearsals.
  • Provide a printed, updated copy of the script to each person and the audio visual team.
  • Provide a master guided script at the podium for ease of transition.
  • Place printed reserved seat signs as needed.
  • From the audio booth, provide cues and guidance.