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  • Solution Circles - John Bimmerle
  • Librarian - Michelle Cooper
  • ELA/SS - Pete Yackus
  • CTO - Bill Lewis, Brian Grenier
  • Principal/Campus Leadership - TBD
  • Curriculum and Instruction - TBD
  • Staff Liaison: Meaghan Rhame


The Content Committee assists in soliciting proposal submissions and participates in the judging of all proposals. The committee develops the session and workshop schedule based on judging results. Onsite, committee members monitor sessions and workshops to ensure rooms do not overfill and act as liaisons for presenters relaying problems/needs to staff/tech crew.

  • The Call for Participation is the process through which educators and industry experts can apply to present sessions and workshops at the convention.  The Call for Participation information is posted on the TCEA website. The submission deadline is May 31.
  • Evaluations of sessions will be done online. All board members are required to participate in the session evaluation process. Each session must be evaluated by a minimum of 3 board members. The evaluation process takes place June 1-12.
  • The Content Committee members will select sessions based on the evaluations and remarks. Priority will be given to educator-led sessions and a suggested limitation of exhibitor-led presentations. (Exhibitors may also choose to apply for an Exhibitor Showcase through the Exhibitor Services Kit sent by TCEA’s Events and Exhibit Manager.)
  • The TCEA office will schedule the sessions selected, based on availability of rooms. Sessions should be scheduled to maximize the available room space with the most popular sessions scheduled in the largest rooms.
  • Once the committee selects the presentations and workshops the staff liaison, Meaghan Rhame, is responsible for scheduling, notifying presenters, collecting contracts, and monitoring cancellations from presenters to fill gaps as needed. 


Content Planning Document

  • Evaluate the current amount of proposals submitted for TCEA 2017 compared to the in-progress TCEA 2018 Call for Presenters. Compile a contact list in your committee’s planning document of potential presenters who have not yet submitted a proposal for TCEA 2018. What strands, topics, presenters, formats, etc. are we missing?
  • Work with sub-committees (posters and playgrounds) to learn about their needs for presenters and which of the current submissions they would like to have included for their area. Meaghan will provide a list to each committee of the submissions that fit their content areas. Assist the committees with selecting presentations and provide additional guidance for soliciting additional presenters to complete the academy schedule.
  • Set a date and time for selecting sessions based on the evaluations. This happens after the board has completed the review process. 
  • Based on the "grid" found in your Planning Document, suggest a schedule of committee members to work level 3 and 4 and the academies during the week of convention. Last year’s schedule is provided as a reference.
  • Review and rate submissions. Review the steps provided to the Board of Directors and provide any additional notes or comments that will help guide the Board as they review sessions next month. Last year’s steps is below as a reference.
  • Discuss topics that are "trending" or will be the most popular to provide guidance to the sub-committees and staff. Provide this list to Meaghan via the Planning Document for proper topic coverage throughout the Convention. List (or rank) each topic in the order of importance (Column B) as well as provide a rough estimate on the percentage of sessions that should cover this specific topic (Column C). Include any appropriate sub-topics (Column D).
  • Review the strand coverage from TCEA 2017 provided within your Planning Document and recommend a total percentage of sessions your committee would like covered at TCEA 2018. Why do you suggest to increase or decrease the percentage based upon TCEA 2017? Discuss amongst your committee and provide all comments within your Planning Document.
  • Review the academies offered at TCEA 2017 along with TCEA’s proposed changes. Include any comments in your committee’s planning document. Visit the Academy page for more planning opportunities.


  • Participate in the Gridding Meeting on June 17th from 8:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. at TCEA offices.
  • Assist with filing holes and finalizing the session schedule as needed
  • Finalize schedules for committee members to ensure adequate coverage of academies, sessions, and workshops


  • Check signage for academies, presentations, and workshops.
  • Monitor sessions and workshops
  • Assist facilitators and presenters as needed
  • Act as liaison between presenters and tech crew
  • Supervise scanner coverage throughout the event.
Kristy Breaux,
Jun 17, 2017, 1:37 AM
Kristy Breaux,
Jun 17, 2017, 1:38 AM